Rihanna: Fashion Icon | pt.1 Styled to Rock


At the weekend I FINALLY managed to watch the final of Styled to Rock, after having it recorded for about a month!

Throughout the programme designers battled against each other, designing outfits for various celebrities, with the ultimate prize being to dress Rihanna.

There was so much talent throughout the series but the final three contestants definitely had the edge in the latter part of the competition, and winner Zainab Van Du‘s designs were particularly spectacular and consistently on brief.

Zainab’s use of materials and execution of ideas, particularly where her knitwear was concerned, certainly overshadowed the other contestants and she was definitely my pick to win.

The final task involved designing a Cleopatra inspired outift, with a tearaway element, for Rihanna to wear at her biggest UK gig so far in London’s Hyde Park. It was a tense finale, with contestants Heidi and Zainab unaware whose outfit had been chosen until Rihanna stepped on stage. As you can see Zainab’s spectacular outfit below was the winner.

Winning Rihanna Outfit by Zainab

Winning Rihanna Outfit by Zainab | Photo HAUSOFRIHANNA.COM

Rihanna is certainly a client many designers would dream to dress, and it seems fitting that she should be the producer of this show, and her stylist one of the judges alongside designer Henry Holland and singer Nicola Roberts.

The superstar has certainly come a long way since her first single Pon de Replay, but what has made her the fashion icon she is today? In my next post I’ll be taking a look at how Rihanna has become such a style icon and her fashion highlights. Stay tuned!


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