Rihanna: Fashion Icon | pt2 Style & Musical Transition

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In part 1 of my Rihanna post in November I focused on the TV program Styled to Rock.

In part 2 I wanted to look back at how Rihanna’s style has evolved since the release of her first single Pon de Replay, and what has made her the style icon she is today.

Looking back to 2005, when the singer released her first single, it’s clear to see her look was more pop princess than vocal vixen. Her music and image at that time are a stark contrast to today, and I really think her style evolution mirrors her music.

Back then it was all about a squeaky clean pop image, as many record companies love to mould their stars into, however as the years have passed Rihanna has really come into her own and you feel she has a huge input and influence on her style and music today more than ever.

Rihanna in 2005

Rihanna in 2005

I think we started to see a darker, more sensual side to her music and style on the release of her Rated R album, and she really started embracing more adventurous and unique fashion. Particularly with her Hard video, which included a gorgeous spiky couture outfit with Rihanna sporting a new cropped hair cut. The songs on this album such as Russian Roulette showed a tougher, darker side also, reinforcing the fact this was a woman who was having more say in her look and music.

Rated R Album Cover

Rated R Album Cover

Hard Video

Hard Video

One thing’s for sure, Rihanna is certainly capable of taking on a new persona on every album she produces.

After Rated R came Loud, which showcased more dance style tracks and long flowing red locks. With Talk That Talk we’re back to a cropped hairstyle and filthier song lyrics than ever.

I would say her current style reflects a coming of a age woman, with the release of her current recent album Unapologetic. One who was able to pull off a questionable tights/shorts combo at this year’s Hackney Weekend, and at the same time look stunning in a white Alexander Wang cut away dress on the final of The X Factor.

Rihanna at Hackney Weekend

Rihanna at Hackney Weekend

Rihanna in Alexander Wang at The X Factor final

Rihanna in Alexander Wang at The X Factor final

For someone like Rihanna, who has managed to produce an album a year without fail for the past 7 years and change her style gradually on every one, what can be next? As the singer approaches her mid-20’s we’re already seeing a more mature Rihanna, but one who’s still able to have fun and hire her own private jet full of Champagne! I for one can’t wait to see what’s to come in the next 7 years.


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