New Year, New You

Fashion, Fitness

It’s that time again when everyone is considering their New Year’s resolutions (if your that way inclined) and trying to stick to them for more than a week!

In the past I haven’t really bothered with resolutions, or I’ve done things a bit half heartedly and given up after just a few days. Not much willpower I know! But this year I wanted to make a commitment.

I’ve always dipped in and out of a fitness regime – doing it consistently for about a week or two and then slipping back into old ways, but this year I really want to establish a regular routine and do something that’s enjoyable as well as gets results.

After reading about the 5K Runner app on the NHS website I was intrigued –

Couch to 5K is a running plan developed to help absolute beginners get into running. The beginners’ running plan was developed by a novice runner, Josh Clark, who wanted to help his fiftysomething mum get off the couch and start running too. The plan involves three runs per week, with a day of rest in between, with a different schedule for each of the nine weeks.

This sounded ideal as, although I wasn’t totally unfit, I was a novice runner and this sounded motivational and realistic to fit in three times a week.

Having downloaded the app the next step was to get properly kitted out and, as a lover of heels,  I have to admit I didn’t actually own any trainers, at least not those suitable for running. Thankfully it’s sale time so I went hunting for a suitable pair and found a very reasonably priced pair of Reebok Traintone trainers, which gives you a little extra help by toning your legs and bum as you run – perfect.

Reebok Traintone Trainers

Reebok Traintone Trainers

With footwear sorted it was on to the kit – a simple task you might think, but at 5 foot nothing this proved tougher than I thought. Having looked on the high street and online I found absolutely no stockists of petite running wear. In my search the majority of sportswear also only when down to a size 8 and having come across several forums online I wasn’t the only one having trouble.

It would appear unless you’re ‘average’ you’re stuffed when it comes to sportswear and have limited choice which in this day and age is slightly ridiculous. I did however manage to find some 3/4 running trousers by adidas in a size 4/6. These are on order so I’ll let you know whether these are a good fit. Once these arrive I’ll be starting to run and will keep you all updated as to how I get on!


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