GIRLS cast

The fantastic GIRLS is back, but why do some women journalists slate an average woman?

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If you haven’t seen the program GIRLS where have you been?! Although occasionally cringe-worthy this American TV show, written by its main character Lena Dunham, keeps it real – with a warts and all portrayal of four 20-something girl friends living in the Big Apple.

GIRLS cast

GIRLS cast

Due to the setting and characters it would be easy to try to compare this to Sex and The City, but that’s a program I never managed to get into which may be surprising as I’m a lover of fashion. However, the whole thing seemed a little too false to me –  I mean whose hair always looks perfectly quaffed 24/7 and can afford countless pairs of Jimmy Choos? Especially when you live in NYC, which I’ve heard is beyond expensive. Therefore GIRLS is a much more appealing program, with subtle but hilarious humour and too many ‘oh my God did that really just happen’ moments to count.

The main character Hannah, played by Lena Dunham, is an average young woman with an average body type – which she regularly reveals during awkward sex scenes with her current boyfriend, something that’s actually refreshing to see as the main star of a current TV program. The other main characters – Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna are slim but not what you’d call underweight, and so all in all are a healthy and realistic portrayal of a body image for young women.

You’d think this would be a positive thing, however some female journalists don’t seem to think so. Thus proving women are still other women’s biggest and harshest critics, and rather than supporting a healthy body image would rather encourage women to starve themselves to look ‘acceptable’ to our crazy society.

One such journalist – Linda Stasi, scathingly describes Dunham as “a woman with giant thighs, a sloppy backside and small breasts“, and can’t understand why she is compelled to reveal this on television. Don’t get me wrong I’m not discouraging healthy eating and exercise, but why should we all look like anorexic clones starving ourselves rather than having a little of what we fancy and feeling guilty about it?

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham

As I mentioned this is a hilarious program which should be the main focus of reviews, rather than highlighting the size of the main character’s thighs, and I for one can’t wait for series 2 which starts here in the UK on Sky Atlantic on Monday. So ladies – give each other a break and for God’s sake eat the occasional chocolate because life’s too short.


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