Small but perfectly formed


For a while I’ve wanted to write a post about petite ranges as I’m sure I’m not the only woman out there who is, shall we say, vertically challenged.

At a petite five foot I’ve always struggled to find clothes that fit well and look good. In the past I’ve had to have clothes altered by either having them taken up or taken in, which is not only tiresome but gets expensive! However, nowadays the majority of high street and online stores do offer petite ranges, but what I wanted to write about is what I’ve found are the best stores for certain items – so here’s my pick of three essentials and where to buy them.

#1 Jeans

Style: Personally, I would say the best style for petite women are straight legged or skinny jeans as these will make your legs look longer and leaner – always good!

C’est Chic pick: Topshop

In my experience Topshop are the best place for petite jeans. Their lengths are perfect and the fit is flattering. Plus they come in a range of colours so you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Topshop Petite Jeans

Topshop Petite Jeans

#2 Maxi Dress

Style: Definitely not an easy item for us petite ladies to pull off, but they really do look great day or night. If you’re going to go maxi I’d opt for one colour rather than a pattern and always wear with heels!

C’est Chic pick: Dorothy Perkins

After a LOT of searching I finally found maxi dresses that are an accurate petite length at Dorothy Perkins. Prior to my honeymoon in June I bought a beautiful navy one which can be seen below, and they have a great range during the spring and summer months.

Dorothy Perkins Maxi Dress

Dorothy Perkins Maxi Dress

#3 Coats & Jackets

Style: When it comes to outer wear, more often than not it’s best to go for cropped or short and no longer than an above the knee length, as anything else tends to swamp a small frame.

C’est Chic pick: ASOS

ASOS are great for a lot of petite products but especially coats and jackets, and they have a great selection from leather jackets to blazers all year round.

ASOS Petite Coats & Jackets

ASOS Petite Coats & Jackets

I hope you’ve enjoyed my petite picks. Thanks for reading, stay chic! x


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