Perils Of Petite Shopping


It’s been a while since my last post – what with one thing or another I just haven’t been able to find the time – but now I’m back and in full flow!

I considered last week writing a post about the Oscars fashion highlights, however I had already written a post about this for the music magazine I blog for – Hit The Floor. Then, after a trip to Oxford street yesterday I knew what I wanted this post to be about: something close to my heart which is petite clothing. I’ve touched on this on previous occasions and at 5 foot it’s something I want to regularly include in my posts. As I’m sure there are many other woman out there who, like me, get frustrated at the lack of choice for us small but perfectly formed ladies.

I haven’t been to Oxford street for ages, largely due to the fact it gets so manic it doesn’t make for a very pleasant shopping experience. However, I needed a dress for a black tie event in a few weeks and, as we were meeting friends in London for lunch, thought it would be a good place to start as there’s so much choice. Or so I thought.

I love the art deco era and anything with embellishment is ideal. So from the outset I had in mind the sort of dress I was after. First stop was House of Fraser, then on to John Lewis and H&M all of which offered nothing suitable. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t that there weren’t any dresses that I liked as you’ll see from the images below, it was the fact that not one of these stores catered for my size.


Selection of dresses at House of Fraser

As you can see by the selection of dresses above I was hoping to be able to find a maxi dress, but after holding up each of these in the store it was clear I’d need to be a leggy 6 foot to suit any of these. The range of sizes was also poor with a large number of size 10 – size 16 and nothing smaller. For a petite size 4/6 I didn’t stand a chance!

After this I felt disheartened and a little grumpy to say the least (which my husband will more than testify to!)

Next it was on to Topshop which I have to say is my fail safe for most things. After a hunt around and a request to see if they had my size in stock, I did find the perfect dress. A silver and nude embellished dress which is absolutely gorgeous.

Embellished Topshop Dress

After this experience though, it became clear to me just how difficult and stressful it is shopping as a petite woman – especially for evening wear. Although many stores do have petite sections there is a limited selection and it seems if you’re petite you’re stuck with what’s available to you in those ranges. There really needs to be a store that caters just for petite women stocking a wide range of styles and designs that are suited to our body shape – which a lot of these high street petite ranges certainly do not!

I’d love to know if any other ladies have this issue and whether you’d want to see a store just for us.

Thanks for reading. Stay chic!


3 thoughts on “Perils Of Petite Shopping

  1. hello, i would love to see a picture of you when you wear the dress. I am thinking of ordering it online too but since i don’t live in the UK returning is very expensive so i want to know how it fits 🙂

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