The long and the short of it – a life of hair

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I read a great article a few weeks ago in Stylist magazine about one woman’s changing hair styles and how, after being blonde for years, when she tried another colour she struggled with her identity. This got me thinking – what does your hair mean to you? It might sound like a superficial question as it’s only hair right? Well maybe, but for women I think it’s safe to say it’s a huge part of who we are. It’s one way we show the world what sort of person we are and hints at our personality.

Thinking back to my various hair colours and lengths through the years I guess I’ve gone through quite a few changes, which unsurprisingly coincided with quite big stages of my life. I remember wanting short hair after years of long dark brown hair – I longed for Terri Hatcher’s silky bob in the Superman TV series when I was about 8. By age 15 I was desperate for a change and had my nearly waist length hair cropped short – I LOVED it…for about 6 months. Then I longed for my long hair and vowed to never have short hair again!

The in-between stages are the worst where it sticks out and you tug at it hoping it will grow again. During university my hair went from my natural dark to honey highlighted and then (gulp) blonde – which turned my hair to straw. After this I went back to dark with a sweeping fringe. My hair was finally getting long…and then I cut it all off again à la Frankie Sanford. This time though the style was perfect and coincided with a change in jobs. I was a new woman.

Then when I got engaged in 2011 I had visions of sweeping vintage curls on my wedding day a year later. I started the growing process again and I am still growing. This time with a full on fringe – the same style I had before my first hair change – and I love it. This is me – my perfect hair style. Funny how things turn out!

Here’s some of my current hair lusts:

Jameela Jamil

Jameela Jamil


Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey


Louisa Rose Allen aka Foxes

Louisa Rose Allen aka Foxes



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