Pregnancy diary: week 13

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It’s been a long time since my last post back in June and to be honest it’s been hard to find the time (and the energy!) to focus on my blog. Mostly due to the joys of early pregnancy! Yes hubby and I are adding a Baby Smith to the family and we are so excited, as you can imagine, to be expecting our first little one.

I’m 13 weeks pregnant now and coming towards the end of my first trimester. I’ve read that things can only get better in terms of symptoms, as the first trimester is reported to be the worst, so here’s hoping! Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t be happier to be pregnant and I know I’m very lucky however, absolutely nothing can prepare you for the early stages. It’s a complete change that affects your entire mind and body.

Of course, I have read that some women sail through pregnancy with ease and I have to say I envy you!

I found out I was pregnant when I was about 5 weeks gone. I had a feeling something was up – I had a strange metallic taste in my mouth, which I’d read could be an early sign of pregnancy, and I just felt different. I think you know your own body and I knew something was off.

At the time I was on jury service and the queasiness of morning sickness (which by the way lasted ALL DAY!)  was starting to kick in. It was an emotional time – as well as having to deal with a sensitive case for nearly three weeks, my hormones were all over the place.

At 6 weeks, the queasiness turned into not being able to keep anything down for about 2 days out of 7. Carrying plastic bags everywhere became the norm, just in case I was caught off-guard! Up until about a week ago I found this aspect very hard to deal with. I love my food and seem to have gone off everything I used to love. Even the smell of the fridge makes me feel sick!

Coming into this week I have started to feel I have a little more energy, which I hope is not just a phase but means the worst part is over. Although certain smells still make me feel sick, I think I’m learning to deal with them better.

I think one of the worst things about the first 12 weeks is not being able to share how you’re feeling with close friends. We wanted to wait until we knew everything was fine with our first scan, and not being able to talk to people when you’re feeling down and explain why is tough. It certainly feels a lot more real now that we have told people, and it’s lovely to share it with the people we love the most.

Below I’ve highlighted what’s been happening in the past week in terms of symptoms, emotions and various changes that an expanding waistband brings:

First trimester weight gain: 1/2 stone as of last Thursday. I don’t think this is too bad, as I have read a healthy weight gain is 25-30 pounds during pregnancy.

Bump: Definitely showing now. I’m only petite so even a little bump is quite obvious!

Symptoms: Still queasy on a few days during the past week and actually sick last week – apparently Baby Smith has gone off spinach.

The biggest thing for me has been smells. The smell of cigarette smoke, and people who smoke – stale clothes, really makes me feel ill. As soon as someone is near me who smokes I have to hold my breath!

Another smell, as I mentioned above, is the fridge. This is a strange one but I have read it’s fairly common.

The smell of food cooking, especially ready meals which smell absolutely repulsive!

Emotions: Relief after our 12 week scan and combined screening test results.

Disbelief there is actually a baby in there. More relaxed than I’ve felt in months.

Teary at emotional television programs, adverts, books…you name it!

Clothing: I’ve been trying to wear looser clothing – lots of roomy dresses, leggings and skirts.

My jeans will still do up but are very uncomfortable to sit down in so I’m not wearing them any more! I’ve purchased some maternity jeans from ASOS but at the moment they’re still a little big, so I’m at that in-between stage at the moment!

I have treated myself to some lovely new dresses though and my current favourite is this one from Topshop. It’s so colourful and will be perfect as I grow bigger.

Topshop Animal Print Dress

Topshop Animal Print Dress

Beauty: My skin has had a flare up this week which is delightful, but I’ve started using an organic tea tree stick for blemishes so hopefully this will improve things! People have said my skin is glowing and that I look different, but to be honest I do not feel it!

I received a sample of Mum & Me stretch mark cream in a bounty pack from the hospital which felt really nice, so I may purchase this. Although I can’t see any stretch marks yet lots of people have said to me that daily moisturising is great at preventing them.

Mum & Me Stretch Mark Cream

Mum & Me Stretch Mark Cream

I’ve also been using an organic Aloe Vera body lotion from Holland & Barrett which has left my skin really soft.

Highlight of the week: The highlight of this week has to be seeing our baby for the first time at our scan, and feeling reassured everything is going as it should.

Another highlight was sharing the pregnancy with our friends and extended family. Being able to share it with them has been amazing.

The blog is going to be a mixture of pregnancy and as always fashion and lifestyle from now on, and I’d love to hear from any other expectant mums or mums. Share your experiences by leaving me a comment below or email me using the address on my contact page.

Thanks for reading. Stay Chic!


3 thoughts on “Pregnancy diary: week 13

  1. Hello! I loved reading this so much. I’m in my 13th week and can relate to almost everything you wrote about! It’s been pretty challenging being in that in between phase of not quite being able to fit in my old clothes and being tempted to buy a completely new wardrobe!

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