Pregnancy diary: week 14

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I’m now in the second trimester!! It feels like the last few months have gone so quickly and to be honest I’m hoping the second trimester isn’t as tough as the first. I’ve read that I can look forward to feeling more energetic and little or no sickness…..fingers crossed!

This past week has been particularly tough. Just when I was starting to feel like the nausea was passing, on Thursday it came back full force and I was unable to keep anything down for two days. I think the heat contributed but I’m just not sure what sets it off – hormones I guess! So as you can imagine I was feeling pretty miserable for those few days and felt like I just couldn’t take another day feeling like that.

I’ve also been feeling really tired and haven’t been sleeping well at all – it’s been difficult to get comfortable and again the heat hasn’t helped. Roll on winter I say!

Anyway, on a more positive note I wanted to share with you a few pregnancy buys which should make the next 6 months a little easier. First of all I purchased Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil, which was recommended by a friend to prevent stretch marks. It was a little on the expensive side at £38 but is absolutely lovely to apply and smells great. I’ve only been using it for a few days so we’ll see how it works out but I have high hopes!

Clarins Body Treatment Oil

Clarins Body Treatment Oil

Since none of my jeans or trousers are comfortable any more, I’ve been practically living in black leggings for the past few weeks! These maternity leggings from ASOS are so comfortable and as they’re cropped they’re great for someone’s who’s petite like me. I’ve mostly been teaming them with long t-shirts and shirts and heels.

At £10 they’re an absolute bargain and it’s great to stock up on a few as I’m sure they’ll get worn even more the bigger I get.

ASOS Cropped Maternity Leggings

ASOS Cropped Maternity Leggings

I hope this gives some comfort to the other pregnant ladies out there and do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading. Stay Chic!


One thought on “Pregnancy diary: week 14

  1. aw emma, sorry to hear you’re not feeling great. I struggled so much through the first trimester so i really feel for you. i hope the next week is easier! ive just reached 18 weeks and starting to feel better, thank god!! The maternity leggings are a bargain, thanks for pointing them out! looking forward to your next update 🙂

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