Pregnancy diary: weeks 15 and 16

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This post is a little late as I’m now at the end of week 16, so I thought I’d give you an update on weeks 15 and 16 in this post.

Things have been a little manic as I’m currently taking a marketing course as part of my job, and have been working on an assignment almost every weekend for the past two months. Combined with full time work and feeling nauseous and tired, it’s been tough going. I can happily say the assignment is due tomorrow so I can take a breather now that it’s finished!

During week 15 my sickness started to subside and (touch wood) I think I’m now over the worst. It also helps that the weather has cooled down a lot as I think that was making me feel even worse. For once, I can’t wait until Winter!

Last Friday we had our 16 week check-up and heard our baby’s heartbeat for the first time. I was a little worried at first as it took the midwife a while to find the heartbeat, but eventually there it was right near my belly button! It was an amazing sound but I don’t think Baby Smith was too happy about being prodded, as a loud ‘woof’ erupted from my stomach which turned out to be the baby moving!

It’s still hard to connect the sound and even the scans with something living inside you, but I’m sure it will feel more real the stronger the movement becomes and I start to feel proper little kicks.

My bump seems to grow bigger every single week and I have to say I’ve been pretty much living in dresses as they’re the most comfortable option! Hubby and I are due to go to Kefalonia soon and I think the best option will be lots of vest dresses. I found some great ones, all in the sale, on ASOS this week along with some maternity shorts which you can see below.

ASOS Black Vest Dress

ASOS Black Vest Dress

ASOS Black Cami Dress

ASOS Black Cami Dress

ASOS Green Vest Dress

ASOS Green Vest Dress

ASOS Denim Maternity Shorts

ASOS Denim Maternity Shorts

Thanks for your lovely comments regarding my blog, especially from other mums-to-be! I love hearing from you so do keep me updated with your own pregnancies. It’s now only THREE WEEKS until we find out if Baby Smith is a boy or girl and I cannot wait!

Thanks for reading. Stay Chic!


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy diary: weeks 15 and 16

  1. It is amazing, isn’t it! I found it hard to grasp that what I seeing on the screen was what’s growing inside me, too. It’s truly an out of this world kind of feeling.
    I’m so happy for you that your assignments are over. That would’ve been horrible dealing with those and the nausea. You totally deserve to go on vacation!
    I’m excited to hear the gender announcement! We’re not going to find out the gender of ours until the birth. I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle not knowing though!

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