Pregnancy diary: week 17

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Week 18 has come around so fast and I can’t believe it’s only two weeks until our 20 week scan!

Week 17 was full of emotional ups and downs and with the heat back so was a little bit of my nausea – oh joy! I’ve found it really hard sleeping this past week and, even though I’m still not that big, I’m finding I have to keep repositioning a lot in the night.

Another new development is snoring! My husband tells me I have apparently started doing this this week and I’ve read it’s hormone and congestion related – another lovely pregnancy symptom. I was a little worried though as I’d read this could be linked to pre-eclampsia and high blood pressure, so I’m going to mention it to a midwife at my 20 week scan just to be on the safe side.

A lovely development this week has been feeling stonger little kicks. Last night I made hubby spend ages with his hand on my stomach, willing baby to kick to no avail  – he or she is going to be a little monkey I can tell! I can’t wait until he can feel it too as it makes everything seem more real.

Last week I also finally started Tracy Anderson’s The Pregnancy Project DVDs. I bought these after my 12 week scan but had felt too sick and tired to even attempt it until now. I’m a big fan of Tracy Anderson and when I saw she’d done these DVDs I couldn’t wait to try them out.

Tracy Anderson - The Pregnancy Project

Tracy Anderson – The Pregnancy Project

Well known as a personal trainer to the stars, Tracy gave birth to her second baby last year and whilst pregnant put together The Pregnancy Project. Designed to keep your fitness up, whilst still being safe, during your pregnancy. The idea is not to strain or overdo things, but to ensure you’re prepared for birth and that it’s easier for you to get back into shape afterwards.

The Pregnancy Project consists of 9 DVDs – one for each month of your pregnancy. I’ve started at month four and have to say I felt so much more energised after the workout. If you’re not used to working out it might be worth easing yourself into these DVDs, as they do take some stamina. Tracy uses light weights and various toning exercises to stretch your body and improve muscle tone, and you can watch a promo video below which gives a taste of the workouts.

It’s so nice to have half an hour or so that focuses on making your body feel good, rather than focusing on how large you’re getting or how tired you feel. I definitely recommend these DVDs and if you do try them out, let me know how you get on.

Thanks for reading. Stay Chic!


One thought on “Pregnancy diary: week 17

  1. Hey dear,

    Snoring seems to be normal in 90% of pregnancies from what I can tell… it got so bad (especially closer to due date) that hubby had to sleep downstairs for a peaceful night… but amazingly disappeared straight after birth!

    Tried the nasal strips that were designed to open up airways, think they helped marginally but not enough to make a difference… Not to worry, in a few months you won’t be sleeping much anyway so it’s good practice for Mr. Smith! 😉 xxx

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