Pregnancy diary: week 22


I’ve been so slack with my pregnancy updates this last month (and any other type of blog post!), but due to holidays and things I just haven’t been able to focus on it as much as I would have liked! I’m hoping from now on that will change as there are so many exciting developments to write about and I can’t wait to share them!

Since my last pregnancy update at the end of week 17 it feels like so much has happened in Baby Smith’s developments. I was feeling little kicks when I wrote my last update and now it feels like our munchkin is a proper little acrobat! Since our 20 week scan the kicks have become stronger and more frequent, especially when we were on holiday in Kefalonia at the end of September. This was also the first time hubby actually felt the kicks and movement which was amazing. I really feel like I can share more of what I’m experiencing with him now and it’s amazing to think we made her.

I say her which means, yes, we are expecting a baby girl! We’re absolutely thrilled and the strangest thing is I have had the strongest feeling I was expecting a girl since I found out I was pregnant. In fact, a friend reminded me that back in April (a month before I was pregnant) and we were discussing the future, I mentioned I thought when the time came we would have a baby girl. I believe so much in intuition and also met a lady on holiday who said exactly the same thing – she was convinced she was having a boy before she knew.

I have been tempted to start buying lots of gorgeous clothes but have been very restrained and only bought one all-in-one….and a very cute bunny.

Boots all-in-one and Jellycat bunny

Boots all-in-one and Jellycat bunny

It’s hard to know how many things to buy that are a newborn size or to go for a 3-6 month size at the moment. Not only that, it’s hard to know what to buy in preparation for her arrival. Take prams for instance – there are so many options it’s all a bit overwhelming!

We’re going to the Baby and Toddler Show at Bluewater next Saturday so I’m hoping that’ll give us more of an insight into what is essential and gauge some idea of prices.

One thing that has been a little hard these last few weeks is adjusting to my growing body. I feel like I’m getting bigger every day and not just in the bump area! I don’t want to sound selfish but my body does not feel like my own at the moment and it’s hard to imagine getting back to my normal shape and size. At only 5 foot I think it shows a lot more but have to say the Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project is helping me feel like I’m at least able to get some gentle exercise so I’m planning to dedicate some more time to this.

Apart from coping with my increasing size, I started my marketing course again on Monday and have two exams in December. It’s a long day with the classes taking place from 6pm until about 8.45pm and have to say this week I felt exhausted. I don’t want to give in and use pregnancy as an excuse but it’s hard to focus when all you want to think about is your baby. I don’t want to give in though and am giving it my best although my parents, hubby and friends do keep stressing I need to take time to relax but I can’t really see that happening until I go on maternity leave in December!

This feels like a long post as there’s so much I wanted to write about but I hope sharing my own experience is helpful to other mums-to-be, or even if you’re thinking about children in the near future.

Thanks for reading. Stay Chic!


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