Pregnancy diary: week 23


Tomorrow is week 24 of my pregnancy which means there’s then only 16 weeks to go until our baby girl enters the world! I think even after you feel your baby’s kicks, see them on your scan and hear their heartbeat, it still all feels so surreal until they are physically here.

This week our little girl has still been very active with her kicks and these have even developed into what feels like her stretching or stroking the inside of my stomach. It’s the strangest and loveliest feeling.

I’ve read that by now she can hear what’s going on in the outside world and voices, so I’m sure she’s getting exposed to all the music we listen to!

Yesterday was an exciting day as we ordered our nursery furniture at the Baby and Toddler Show at Bluewater. The plan was to just get an idea of prices for our essentials but we found a Mamas and Papas furniture set, including a swing cot, cot, wardrobe and dresser, at such a great price we couldn’t resist.

The furniture is from their Rialto range and the fantastic thing is the cot will transform into a bed later on, meaning it will last her until she is 6/7 years old.

Mamas and Papas Rialto Nursery Furniture

Mamas and Papas Rialto Nursery Furniture

We also purchased some gorgeous bedding from their Once Upon a Time range, which is just the right amount of girliness without being too pink!

Mamas and Papas Once Upon a Time Bedding

Mamas and Papas Once Upon a Time Bedding

Another item we wanted to gauge some prices on yesterday was prams. There were so many at the show it was a little overwhelming, with prices ranging from around £400 to over £1,000. We did like one from iCandy – it was stylish, included a travel system and had great chunky puncture resistant wheels however, when folded it was really heavy to lift which I’m not sure is very practical, especially as I’ll probably be the main one lifting it in and out of the car. It was also on the expensive side so we’re going to keep looking!

In terms of energy I have felt pretty tired this week but I’ve been trying to keep up with the Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project DVDs as much as possible, which does help me feel more relaxed and flexible.

Sleep has been an issue though. I’ve found it so hard to get comfortable as whichever side I lay on my legs start to ache. I have my pregnancy pillow now but have also been using two pillows to elevate my legs in bed for the past two nights. This has definitely helped with the aching so we’ll see how this goes!

Until next time, thanks for reading and Stay Chic!


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