A lifelong love affair – The leather jacket


Everyone has a fail-safe go-to piece in their wardrobe. A key piece of clothing or accessory that represents ‘them’.

Kate Moss claims she’s at her most comfortable in jeans and a blazer, and always turns to the scarves, hats and sunglasses in her wardrobe. For Victoria Beckham, it’s a pencil dress and heels. For me, it’s a leather jacket.

My love affair with leather jackets started early when, aged 10, my mum bought me my first faux-leather jacket. It was black with gold zips and I wore it with EVERYTHING. I loved that jacket and was heartbroken when, on a visit to a park with friends, it somehow managed to acquire a huge rip in it.

From then on, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t own at least one leather jacket and my obsession has only grown over time. The great thing about a leather jacket is, it goes with almost anything. You can add an edge to an otherwise basic outfit and look instantly chic.

I’m not sure why the fascination started. I think it may have been watching female singers like Whitney Houston and Dannii Minogue’s character in Home & Away, Emma Jackson, work a leather jacket that influenced me. Either way, I was hooked.

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston

Since the 90s, I’ve purchased numerous leather jackets that my 10 year old self would be proud of. From simple to studded, I can’t get enough.

The great thing is, the leather jacket is something that never seems to go out of fashion and can be worn in any season. Sure, there are adaptations – from cropped and quilted to the current oversized trend, but non the less it never loses its appeal.

I’ve put together a wishlist of leather jackets for this season below:

What’s your fail-safe fashion piece? Are you a leather jacket obsessive too? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me at @Em_L_Smith.

Thanks for reading, Stay Chic!


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