Pregnancy diary: week 26


I can’t believe I’m now at the end of week 26! Next week will be the last week of my second trimester and then I’ll be on the final stretch.

It still feels surreal to think we’ll be welcoming our little one in 3 months time but we can’t wait.

Here is the bump at the end of week 26:

 Week 26 bump

Week 26 bump

This week I’ve definitely felt heavier. I know our baby girl is now putting on weight week by week and I have to say I’m finding it a struggle doing my shoes up! Sleep is also still unsettled, as I now have to prop up my legs and have a pillow under my stomach to get comfortable. This still doesn’t stop me having to turn over quite a few times in the night though. I can’t remember the last time I slept the whole night through!

I’ve felt a lot of movement this week and the funny thing is she seems to start moving when our alarm goes off in the morning. I think she likes the music! We’ve had a lot of fun this week watching my stomach move as she shifts around. The strangest thing is feeling what I think is her turning over. It’s hard to describe but it’s a lovely, if sometimes a bit uncomfortable, feeling!

Symptoms this week still include aching legs unfortunately (if they’re not propped up in bed), feeling quite emotional and hot. Honestly I am warm all the time! It’s so strange, especially at work when people are saying they’re cold and have the heating on and I’m sitting there feeling like I’m having a hot flush! I think the only thing I can do at the moment is wear layers I can remove but I’d happily wear sleeveless tops all the time at the moment.

Today we purchased our second big baby item, the first being all the nursery furniture, which was a pram. We did see one we liked at the Baby & Toddler Show at Bluewater last month, but it was far too heavy when folded up. Today we took a trip to Kiddicare in Purley with the aim of making a decision. I have to say, I still find buying baby items a bit overwhelming. Especially with prams – there are so many to choose from and how do you know you’re making the right choice?!

Anyway, we finally decided on a Babystyle Oyster Pram in a gorgeous jade/turquoise colour. It’s a travel set and so comes with a carry cot as well which she will be in when she’s little, moving into the larger pram seat when she’s older. This should last until she’s about three which is ideal. We love the style and the design and it seems fairly easy to slot the carrycot in and out so I think we made the right decision.

Now it’s home it’s so exciting having it all set up and waiting for her.

Babystyle Oyster pram

Babystyle Oyster pram

Babystyle Oyster pram with carrycot

Babystyle Oyster pram with carry cot

We also purchased a car seat that fits with the frame that should last up to 15 months. It really feels like things are coming together for her arrival.

Have any other of you other expectant mummies purchased your big items yet? I’d love to hear what you’ve chosen. Let me know below.

Thanks for reading. Stay Chic!


4 thoughts on “Pregnancy diary: week 26

  1. I am 16 weeks today so I haven’t made any real purchases yet (except for a Moby wrap baby carrier since we found it for 80% off). But I did start my registry and have chosen the Graco Modes Click Connect Stroller in Onyx for a stroller. We chose a three-in-one system to include a stroller, car seat and carrier. I loved the brand so much I chose a Graco high chair and pack n’ play as well!

  2. Aww cute bump, hun! So exciting!
    I’m loving your pram and that colour! We’ve chosen to go for the Baby Jogger ‘City Mini’ since we walk around and go jogging A LOT so the robust air tires are just what we need to make baby’s ride a little smoother 🙂

    1. Aw thank you! We thought the colour was gorgeous too : ) That sounds great. We wanted one with sturdy wheels and these are moulded so will be perfect. Plus it’s not too heavy to lift when folded up. Hope the pregnancy is going well!

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