Pregnancy diary: week 27

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As I’m at the end of week 27 today, that also means this is the last day of my second trimester! It’s hard to believe I’ll be in my third trimester tomorrow and on the last stretch.

I also have five weeks left until I go on maternity leave which feels crazy!

This week I wanted to share with you my essentials and an update on what I’ve experienced this trimester, as I did in week 13.

Second trimester essentials:

There are a few things that have been my essentials during the second trimester, the first of which is this pregnancy pillow set from By Carla. The larger pillow is not only great in bed, but also for propping yourself up comfortably on the sofa. The great thing is this can be used afterwards when breastfeeding. I’ve found the wedge pillow great for positioning under the bump in bed, which I’ve found is essential now it’s feeling so big!

I bought the Raspberry Bloom pack from Amazon, but you can get other colours and styles that can be seen on the By Carla website.

Raspberry Bloom pillow set By Carla

Raspberry Bloom pillow set By Carla

Other essentials have been:

  • Palmer’s cocoa butter moisturiser. It smells gorgeous and has been great for keeping my skin soft and stretch mark free (so far!). I only started using this in the second trimester and have got through a bottle and a half already, but will definitely continue to use it throughout the third trimester. It’s getting harder to mosturise my legs though as the bump increases!
  • Botanics detox brush. Unfortunately all these lovely hormones not only seem to be making me weepier than usual (hence crying at the John Lewis Christmas advert), they also seem to have increased the dreaded orange peel – lovely! This is something I’m hoping will decrease after pregnancy, as I’ve read that hormones and fluid retention etc. can make it seem worse in pregnancy but better afterwards. Here’s hoping!Anyway to try and make the best of bad situation I’ve been using the Botanics detox brush to dry brush my skin every day. Along with drinking lots of water and still exercising (when I can) I’m hoping this will help!
  • Sudocrem. This is something I used before pregnancy but have found it’s also been great during pregnancy for the odd skin flair up, thanks to those lovely hormones again. The joys of pregnancy!
  • Clinique all about eyes rich moisturiser. I’ve been using this moisturiser for years now and have to say it’s been great for lessening dark circles and puffiness lately, due to pregnancy insomnia which I seem to have been experiencing a lot lately.

    Second trimester pregnancy essentials

    Second trimester pregnancy essentials

Second trimester weight gain:

I last weighed myself about a week ago and was 8 stone 9 Ib. Before pregnancy I was 7 stone 4 Ib so that’s over a stone so far!


Very obvious now! There’s no doubt there’s a baby in there now and it’s starting to feel heavier now.

Here is the bump at the end of week 27:

Week 27 bump

Week 27 bump

Baby movement:

Baby Smith has been so active! She seems to be awake just before we get up in the mornings and is active throughout the day. In the afternoon she’s quite quiet but after dinner she’s off again until we go to bed.

The strangest thing is seeing my stomach shake sometimes when she’s moving around, and last night there was a hand or foot poking out! It’s amazing we could see something protruding and made it all seem even more real that there is actually a baby in there!


Apart from insomnia, which I’ve pretty much been having on and off for the last few months or so, I’ve been feeling very warm. A few times this week in the afternoons I’ve felt like I’m having a hot flush and felt quite faint. I’ve read this is normal but it’s also quite scary when it happens.

I also had my flu jab this week and have to say for a few days afterwards I felt a bit sluggish and feverish. I’m not sure if this was psychological or just normal pregnancy symptoms though.


I’ve been feeling really irritable this week, as hubby will confirm! My emotions have been quite up and down and I’ve felt more teary than usual.


I’m still wearing some of my previous dresses but have to say some of them just won’t go near me now as they have no stretch. I’ve been wearing my maternity leggings a lot with t-shirts and long tops.


I’m still having the occasional skin flare up, hence the Sudocrem, but have bought some lovely plum lipsticks this week which are the perfect Autumn/Winter colours. I’ll review these in another post.

Highlight of the week:

Feeling our baby move around more.

Worst moment of the week:

On Friday, after work, I slipped and twister my ankle. I was in so much pain hubby had to get a taxi to me to drive our car home. As a result I’ve been laid up all weekend in pain and haven’t been out at all. I’ve got it bandaged up at the moment and the pain is easing but for the past few days I couldn’t even walk! I’m just glad I didn’t fall and damage anything else.

How are the rest of you mummies-to-be getting on at the moment? I’d love to hear your stories and essential items.

Thanks for reading, Stay Chic!


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