Pregnancy diary: week 28


At the end of week 28, next week will be my last week in the 20’s which also means there’s now only potentially 11 weeks to go! I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but now I’m in the third trimester I’m feeling really tired again.

This week has been a bit of a pain as, after twisting my ankle last Friday, I’ve found it awkward moving around and have been in flat shoes all week (as a lover of heels this has been frustrating!). It’s still not right even now and I’m starting to feel a bit off-balance with the extra weight, and am even finding it hard to put my shoes on!

As well as this, I’ve also felt quite queasy all week. I thought it might be a little bug as I’m hoping my morning sickness isn’t making a return. Although, I think it might have something to do with eating salad for my lunch all week, as it’s seems to make my stomach feel quite acidic. I thought healthy food was meant to be good!

Week 28 bump

Week 28 bump

Other symptoms have included aching hips. I’m finding it most comfortable to sleep on my left hand side, with my pregnancy pillow, but after a few hours my hip really starts to ache and I have to roll over. This also means I’m only sleeping for a few hours at a time – cue grumpy pregnant lady!

A lovely thing this week was having a check-up and hearing our little girl’s heartbeat again, galloping away. The midwife has said she’s currently transverse (lying across my stomach), which makes sense as that’s where I’ve been feeling her most, and everything seems to be going well (touch wood!) I wish we had another scan before her arrival as I’d love to see her again. I’m sure she’s changed so much since our last scan nearly 9 weeks ago.

This weekend we bought the paint for the nursery – a gorgeous peachy-pink by Crown called Pashmina. Hubby has a week off this month so is planning to tackle the painting, and with her furniture arriving soon our spare room is going to be transformed!

We now also have quite a collection of clothes for our little lady so I’m planning to do a baby clothing haul in a post soon.

Thanks for reading, Stay Chic!


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