Plum passion – the perfect Autumn lip colour


Now that we’re in Autumn, with Winter fast approaching, it’s time to bring out the cosy knits and boots to wrap up against the cold. As well as layering up, it’s also time to re-think your make-up.

As someone who’s partial to a nude lip I’m always a little reluctant to try a new colour, but as plum is THE colour this season I thought I’d give it a go.

After a trip into Superdrug, I came away with two colours that looked as though they’d suit my skin tone and achieve a sensuous look.

The first was Rimmel’s Dark Night Waterl-oops!, No. 380., and the second was Beauty UK’s Plumalicious, No. 17.

Rimmel Dark Night Waterl-oops! and Beauty UK Plumalicious

Rimmel Dark Night Waterl-oops! and Beauty UK Plumalicious

Below are swatches of both lipsticks, with Rimmel on the left and Beauty UK on the right.

Rimmel Dark Night Waterl-oops! and Beauty UK Plumalicious swatches (L-R)

Rimmel Dark Night Waterl-oops! and Beauty UK Plumalicious swatches (L-R)

First of all I tried Rimmel’s Dark Night Waterl-oops! colour.

Rimmel's Dark Night Waterl-oops!

Rimmel’s Dark Night Waterl-oops!

Using a lip brush from No. 7, I first of all worked the colour into my lips and defined the outline using the edge of the lip brush.

The colour applied well and actually wasn’t as dark on the lip as it looks. The colour is rich though and, unlike a lot of lipsticks, it wasn’t drying. This would be great to wear during the evening with a black dress, or even paired with a camel coloured coat for a chic look.

Rimmel_Dark Night_Water-Loops_380

Now onto Beauty UK’s Plumalicious. This is a brand I’ve never actually used before and I have to say you really don’t need to apply a lot of this lipstick for a good coverage, as it’s quite ‘thick’.

Beauty UK Plumalicious

Beauty UK’s Plumalicious

Following the same method as when applying the Rimmel lipstick, I used my No. 7 lip brush to work this into my lips, outlining the lip afterwards with the edge of the brush.

Although this is a plum lipstick, when it’s on the lips it actually has more of a pink undertone as you can see in the image below. However it is quite creamy and almost applies more like a balm than a lipstick, and as a result I found it can smudge. I think it would wear off quite easily and so may need to be used with an appropriate colour lip pencil for staying power.

Beauty UK_Plumalicious_17

After trying both of these plum lipsticks, I have to say for a real ‘plum’ look I prefer the Rimmel lipstick however, if you’re looking for a pop of Autumn colour that’s easy to wear during the day, then the Beauty UK lipstick would be ideal.

The Rimmel lipstick is priced at £6.49 and the Beauty UK lipstick is priced at £3.49, when purchased from Superdrug. Neither are a bad price and I think both are worth a try to change your make-up look for the Autumn.

Have you tried either of these lipsticks, or would you recommend another plum colour?

Thanks for reading, Stay Chic!


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