Pregnancy diary: week 33


Now I’m on maternity leave I thought I would have more time than I knew what to do with. It turns out I was wrong! With Christmas just a few days away the past week or so has been full of prep –  from wrapping (rather difficult with an eight month bump!) to food shopping, dessert making, antenatal classes and visiting the birthing centre we’d like to use, the last week has been manic!

As I write I’m sitting on my newly pumped up exercise ball as, as of Thursday, my midwife has confirmed Baby Smith is currently oblique. As I’m now 34 weeks, I know there’s still time for our little girl to move into the right position, but when my midwife started to talk about having to turn her at my next appointment at 36 weeks if she hadn’t moved, I thought the ball was worth a try! I don’t know much about the process of turning a baby, but to be honest it worries me a little and I’d much rather things happen naturally – especially as this can apparently start labour!

Week 33 bump

Week 33 bump

This week has also included two antenatal classes – the third and final one of our regular classes plus an additional class about water birth – plus getting my whooping cough vaccine. The first of our antenatal classes on Monday was basically giving us an insight into what to expect after birth and breastfeeding. I found this really useful, especially in terms of the correct way to hold your baby so they latch on properly to feed.

On Thursday we attended a water birth class which I was really looking forward to as, fingers crossed, this is the route I want to go down. It was a really busy class and obviously a really popular choice for lots of mum-to-be, but it was surprising that only something like one in three women will actually be able to have this type of birth when it comes to it. This hit home that the birth is actually out of my hands and that’s quite frightening as I like to feel in control!

We watched a video of a water birth (cue some of the men turning a shade of green!) which I actually found really helpful, as it made me realise that, yes, I can do this, it is possible! The body is an amazing thing and womens’ bodies were made to give birth naturally. I’m hoping this positive thinking will help in labour!

These classes have really helped my husband Dave too as I think, especially during labour, it can be difficult for men to know what to do to try and comfort their other half. Just having him there to tell me it is possible will be an amazing support.

We also visited the Crowborough Birthing Centre, which is my first choice to give birth. It’s run solely by experienced midwives and just feels like such a warm and relaxed environment. They will only take on low risk pregnancies, which touch wood I will continue to be in the lead up to birth, and are totally supportive of helping women have as natural a birth as possible. It definitely feels likes the right decision for us.

Today has consisted of making napkin rings, buying last minute food bits for Christmas day and flowers for a centre piece, making a Christmas pudding and icing our Christmas cake. I’ve left hubby making a lasagne for our tea so am signing off a tired preggo lady!

Have a lovely Christmas all and there will be another post very soon.

Thanks for reading, Stay Chic!


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