I can’t believe I just said that


I remember very clearly the things my Mum used to say to me as child, I like to call them ‘Mum-isms.’ You know, things such as ‘Get down from there or you’ll fall and break your neck’, ‘If the wind changes you’ll get stuck like that’ and ‘You’re NOT going out dressed like that’…you get the idea.

So I guess it was inevitable I’d start saying these Mum-isms sooner or later. Here are a few that have escaped from my mouth in the past few weeks –

“I’m going to count to three and you’d better be on this changing mat. One, TWO…TWO AND A HALF…”

“What did I JUST say?”

“Are you allowed to do that?” “No Mummy” “Then why are you doing it?”

Don’t like it” says Aria pushing her food away. “There are children starving in Africa who would LOVE this food”

“Get away from the TV or you’ll get square eyes”

“I feel like I’m banging my head against a brick wall”

“Am I talking to myself?”

“Sit down while you’re eating or you’ll get indigestion”

I’m sure there will be many more to come as Aria grows up and even when she’s an adult I’ll be uttering them, because as my Mum tells me, your children are always your babies whether they’re 3 or 33.

What have you found yourself saying to your children?

Em xx



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