Can we talk about…velvet


Velvet. A word that not too long ago actually made me shudder a little, revoking memories of being 10 years old at a school disco, wearing a velvet skirt and thinking I was SO grown up. Especially after I had somehow coaxed my Mum into letting me wear lipstick for the first time, much to my Dad’s absolute horror.

Then there was the Christmas my Mum MADE me wear a black velvet dress…with a doiley type collar…and a matching hairband. Thus my resentment of velvet began!

Understandably, I guess my love/hate relationship with the ‘V’ fabric in my adult years comes from being made to wear it as a child. This season however it’s unavoidable. Every man and his dog seems to have embraced it and not just in black. There’s baby pink, light bluey-grey, navy and red….the list goes on.

Finding something I feel that suits me is hard enough post-child, but velvet? Dare I give you another chance? So the temptation begins, perusing ASOS, River Island, New Look late at night while we watch The Apprentice, much to the despair of Mr S – “Did you see that? Can’t you put your phone down for goodness sake, look I’ll rewind.”

“Sorry” I say “just checking emails…” not “Sorry, velvet is puling me into temptation!”

So, safe to say, I am a little intrigued. Could there be some velvet pieces that wouldn’t make me feel like a school girl at a disco? Well, the answer is yes. I know, I surprised myself. I actually think velvet can be rather sexy, especially when in the form of a bardot top with added choker. It’s more grown up, womanly. Oops…*Add to basket* So there we have it, my first velvet item in over a decade purchased.

Here’s my pick of some more grown up velvet pieces of the moment:

(L-R) Pink velvet body, ASOS | Red velvet boots, Dorothy Perkins | Black velvet choker, Black velvet dress with lace inserts, Black velvet crossover top, all River Island

Have you fallen in love with velvet again? What are your favourite velvet items at the moment?

Thanks for reading,

Em x



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