Blog identity crisis

Blog topics

So, if you’re familiar with my blog you may have noticed it’s undergone a little refresh. I first set up this blog in 2012, which feels like a long time ago now!

Originally I wanted it to be a fashion focused blog but after becoming pregnant with my little girl, it developed into more of a diary throughout my pregnancy and after that the adjustment to becoming a parent. Life, as it does, took over and I found little time to write. I felt my blog was suffering from a little identity crisis – what should I be writing about? What will readers find interesting? When in truth, it doesn’t need to be one thing or another – it doesn’t have to just be a parenting blog or fashion blog or anything else. It can be whatever I want it to be, that’s the beauty.

So, the design has undergone a little makeover and my posts will vary from music to family to fashion and anything I fancy. I hope you enjoy reading!