The swimwear dilemma…post-child

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So, we’ve booked our first holiday abroad with Aria in tow for later in the year. An idyllic villa in the Spanish countryside complete with pool. Bliss! I literally cannot wait.

Of course, a holiday in a (hopefully at the time) hot country requires summer wear – shorts, floaty dresses and not forgetting, swimwear. There was a time I loved shopping for a new bikini for a sunny holiday, now the idea of swimwear shopping fills me with dread! I mean what the hell is supposed to flatter the mum tum and wobbly bits? Shopping for swimwear post-child is a fucking minefield!

I’ve been planning to shed the excess baby weight (Aria is now three…) since Christmas and had a shock this week when Mr S decided to resurrect the Wi-Fit. He proudly told me he weighed much less than when we’d last used it (over two years ago). I was too curious not take my ‘body test’ as well. “Close your eyes, don’t look! It’s going to say ‘one at a time’!” I looked, I stared….shiiiiiit, how much?! “That’s a great motivator” says Mr S. Cue death stare.

Back to swimwear. That day I receive an email from ASOS – ‘HOLIDAY SHOP’. I click, I browse. Okay, so bikinis are out. I’m not even entertaining that idea. On to swimsuits. Maybe I’m getting old, but the only people who could wear the majority of the styles, the likes of which include slogans such as ‘Mermaid off duty’ and ‘Body Glove,’ are 20-something gazelles! Wah!

I search ‘control swimwear’. Three results. All of which are bloody hideous. The search continues!!

Any tips ladies?!