Re-evaluating the blog…and other ramblings



If you know me you’ll know how passionate I am about music. I completed a music production degree at university and music is a huge part of my life. It always has been.

It’s been there through every significant, as well as everyday, moments of my life. Through my love of music I met Mr. S, after doing work experience at the music company he worked at, and some of my dearest friends.

I can tell you what song reminds me of starting little school (Gabrielle’s ‘Dreams’), the band that defined my teenage years (Lifehouse) and the one that evokes memories of a hot August bank holiday, driving to Brighton, the air salty and fresh on a first date with my now husband (Modest Mouse ‘Float On’).

Music is a powerful force and I just cannot imagine life without it. As the poet Victor Hugo said,

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent

I don’t wish this post to come across as pretentious in any way and I swear I will get to the point…now! So, I feel a little like I’ve been drifting a bit with this blogging lark. Initially, as it still is, it was a platform for self-expression and somewhere I could write freely about life, fashion, beauty, my pregnancy and now Aria’s toddler years. But, as you’ll agree, life gets in the way and I’m all for spontaneity but I feel like my blog needs a little more structure. And so, my point being that I want to introduce some regular features, one called ‘The Listening Booth’ being one of them, that are more ‘me’ rather than just ‘me’ the ‘Mummy’

If you read my blog already, this may or may not be something you’re interested in subject wise, but I want to start writing a little more about my passions, music being a big one! So I thought a monthly feature where I share what I’m listening to at the moment, artists old and new, would be a great addition.

Don’t get me wrong, I love writing and reading about toddler recipes and potty training as much as the next Mum (well, not all day every day but you get my point!), but I’m also still my own person and think a little more self-expression can only be a good thing.

So, if you’re still reading to the end (after all my rambling!) I hope you’ll come back and read more!

Thanks for reading,

Em xx